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After I won the grand prize at Delhi Comic Con in 2013, companies started approaching me and I conducted a few cosplay workshops for beginners as well.” The growing popularity of cosplay in India can be gauged by the fact that later this month, India will host the first ever National Championship of Cosplay, black […]

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The Hulk has always been one of the strongest and most intimidating heroes in the Marvel Comics universe, but he became something even more powerful during the events of Planet Hulk by Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, Aaron Lopresti, Jeffrey Huet, Randy Gentile, Joe Garamanga, spiderman costumes and Chris Sotomayor. I think everyone here knows how […]

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During the time that I had a “poop bag” (starting post-surgery 2017) my diet was very limited and I dropped to 94 pounds. Disneybounding is not just limited to individuals. Conventions now have the ability to get those people close to their fans. Also many people would just love the chance to finally meet someone […]

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Couldn’t figure out who or what Roxas was? Since making his debut early in the series, the Nobody has become a popular character who even had a stint in Organization XIII and becomes close with Axel. This cosplayer has also done renditions of the popular character Cloud. While Black Adam was originally going to hit […]

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Rank can be added to as needed during the ‘dressing’ stage. She told FEMAIL: ‘The release of Bridgerton series 2 has coincided perfectly with Spring fever, and following those few days of sunshine a week or so ago, encanto costume the nation is feeling inspired and ready to mark the changing of the seasons with […]

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Harley Quinn and Catwoman is a pair-up we’d like to see in movies. Zoe Saldana is surrounded by a blue screen rather than the visual wonder audiences see during this part of the film. San Diego Comic Con is one of the most well known American conventions, which was first known as the Golden State […]

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Think of his outfit at the Live Aid! Your dog will provide everyone in the neighborhood with some much-needed cheer with this Care Bear Halloween outfit. Check out the Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Frankenstein Dog Costume here. Any anime fans here? It’s this easy and we’re sure you’re going to get so many compliments on […]

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She along with the other cosplay volunteers devote their time to attend fundraisers, charity events, superman costume and youth programs to bring smiles to children’s faces. The fact that Brandi and Houston Cosplay for Charity jumped in the same day my email was read on the air made my heart smile,’ she said. But as […]

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These horrible cosplay costumes include anime, comic book, and video game cosplay, vision costume so sit back and cringe your way through this list. As you can tell, the Naruto cosplay is simple enough in design as Hinata’s usual costume comes together with a jacket, capris, and a mesh undershirt. Do you have a whole […]

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Or, if you like Clint Barton’s costume from the movies better, try this Age of Ultron Hawkeye children’s costume. Our favorite new Avenger obviously deserves her fair share of representation this fall, which will be easy with options like this jumpsuit from Liking Cosplay, this plus-size Captain Marvel costume, this adorable dress from BeBaGo, or […]