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You can dress up as this special girl with a strong sense of justice as long as you have her wig, a replica of Crescent Rose (her high-caliber sniper-scythe) and her costume replica. All you need to cosplay Asuna is a replica of her wig, costume, and sword to crush all your opponents at any cosplay competition. Wow, this Elsa cosplay is over the top fantastic! Fans flocked from all over the world to see what could be Miku’s last “live” performance, even from non-Oriental countries. We could easily find that there are tons of boys and girls are fond of Kirito cosplay at all kinds of parties, gatherings and conventions all over the whole wolrd. Alodia Gosiengfiao professionally works as judges in international anime cosplay contest . In addition to perform as anime characters, Alodia Gosiengfiao also appeared several times as Marvel and DC Comics superheros, such as Baroness and Green Lantern. This Vocaloid costume is of Miku Hatsune from the anime Secret Police. Yaya Han is a costume player from the United States who has Asian descent. Just like the other Korean beautiful girls who appear on TV, Tasha has a beautiful face that is supported with a slim body and long legs.

It seems Tasha only needs a little time before she can be recognized as an elite costume player just like Arisa Mizuhara, Kipi, or Yaya Han. Since then Jessica Nigri has started to be recognized as one of the elite costume player in the world. However, it could have been elite if she’d forgone the headgear and kept the focus on the bodysuit. Pikachu, however, declines to evolve and wants to defeat Raichu as himself, without the added strength that comes with the evolution. Jessica has proven herself to be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to cosplay. There’s a great social aspect to cosplay trendy female costumes like Vocaloid Costumes and you can win some amazing prizes, just last year I won a laptop! Evil nurse seems an exclusive feature and break the ordinary sweet look for female! She seems enjoy to perform as female characters in a revealing costumes, such as Chun Li and Ada Wong. The event, which is being held at the ExCel London exhibition centre on the royal docks, was attended by enthusiasts dressed as characters including Deadpool, the Joker and Spiderman.

Apart from being a cosplayer, Ashley also has a lot of talents, such as photography, moviemaking, modeling, and often appears as a guitarist on Philippine TV music channels. Valkyrie Studios has been crafting since 2011. She is a prop maker, artist, cosplayer, and sculptor from Washington. Besides being known as a cosplayer, Mei Wai is also a model that has performed on the catwalk fashion shows China. As a young cosplayer, Kipi often dressed in very bold, attractive costumes. One more thing that she deserves a compliment is the fact that despite being a professional cosplay models, Kipi often makes her own costumes for various costume play convention and photo shoot. Batgirl will never go out of style, and fans continue to do her justice by styling a fabulous look, just like this one here. And of course, if you’ve always nurtured a soft spot for that mage in World of Warcraft, or found yourself inexplicably intrigued by Poison Ivy, these sexy cosplayers will have you stuck to that ‘like’ button. Ashley and Alodia Gosiengfiao are able to show that the world of anime cosplay is not always dominated by Japanese cosplayers.

There are hundreds of super gorgeous cosplay photo of Alodia that can be found on the internet, make her to be dubbed as the “Queen of Cosplay” or “Cosplay Queen” . You can follow online guides on how to make things but it’s good to just go with the flow sometimes. If only she could appear more often in international cosplay conventions, she can be as famous as Kipi, Alodia Gosiengfiao, or Jessica Nigri. Korean actresses lately gain enormous popularity in the international world, and in cosplay it is represented by Tasha. In every anime cosplay, Tasha looks very serious in preparing various accessories of her costume to the smallest detail. It’s an often overlooked detail that she noticed and was sure to put in. I always appreciate detail work in any capacity and Ohana Cosplay has certainly crafted a beautiful cosplay. Vampy’s best cosplay performance is known when she dressed as Morrigan Aensland, Rei Ayanami, and Psylocke.

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