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Lin’s design of the character is a great combination of new ideas and old elements, taking the classic yellow, high collar and insignia and adding dark blue, a Bruce-Lee-Esque tracksuit and sneakers to make for a great, modernized, mask-less take on Iron Fist. By removing the “D” in Danny’s surname, “Rand” becomes “Ran,” a Chinese family name that helps to complete this reimagining of Iron Fist. But, this design isn’t just fashionable, it also opens up into a great superhero costume design, which is perhaps the best part about this reimagining of the character, the fact that this suit looks like it could be both Ororo’s fancy event look and her battle-ready outfit. The watching the two incarnations of The Wolverine is like watching Fox experimenting. If however, you’re the mother of a young daughter then the main issue of teen Halloween outfits is probably a bone of competition for the two of you. If you’re planning to celebrate your child’s birthday party with a blast, it’s a good idea to opt for a themed party.

Now, Halloween is widely celebrated as an excuse for debauchery and good times. According to legends, evil spirits roam free on Halloween. The concept of dressing up to ward off evil spirits is an old myth. So as a protection people would wear scary masks and make noises to drive the spirits away. When dealing with superheroes, it’s easy to forget there are humans beneath the masks and capes. Your eyes are not deceiving you, by the way, there is no person inside the costume! Much like a model builder builds models, a person modifies their car, a hunter hunts (when they can buy food instead), a gamer plays games, a sports fan watches sports. The Devil: No one represents Halloween like Old Nick, you never go wrong with a pair of horns and a trident.

hiking poles black diamond max The mini dress showed off her incredible legs which she accentuated with a pair of black strappy heels and she added a touch more color to the look with blue winged eyeliner. I love the Mr Men series and this Mr Bump dress up is fun and pretty simple. Fans of Iron Fist and the MCU were hopeful that when the Iron Fist Netflix series was announced, an Asian actor would be cast in the role so as to negate the cultural appropriation and “white savior” tropes the character presents. This take on the unstoppable Juggernaut, which is delightfully frightening, was designed by David Tran as part of a series of other X-Men redesigns. The matching helmets are perhaps the coolest part about these two designs, but we also love the coloring of the yellow, as well as Hank’s holographically-projected fingers, which seem to be part of his built-in stingers. By connecting two eye lenses into a single point, Trask has made Cyclops into an actual cyclops, repeating the pattern of the lenses on the chest for a connected and effective look. We also dig the eye scar, as well as the use of color, which adds some classic blue to the typical modern black-and-white look, the color working especially well on the torso.

The little details of the costume help to ground it in reality: the high-top sneakers rather than the traditional superhero boots, the use of black, the hoodie that makes up the main parts of the spider theme and the little tuft of hair sticking out are all fantastic choices. In fact, Barrett’s design predates Spider-Gwen and actually does the hooded spider look a lot better. Now here’s the kicker for you really creative types who want your own signature look in game: The Secret World has a clothing design competition going on right now! But if you get more joy out of creating your costume than picking one off a rack, then here’s what you’re going to need. It looks like WandaVision is going to combine these two comic storylines into one, where Wanda is next in a long line of Scarlet Witches, a pantheon of mystical sorcerers who can all use chaos magic. There are clear connections between these two characters’ costumes, which, for the most part, would normally contrast each other in the comics. With X-Men costumes, it’s always a struggle to find that balance between team aesthetic and individual design, but Deviantart user SamuraiBlack managed to do it with these Wolverine and Cyclops redesigns.

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