The Women in the MCU Afterlife wonder who’s next

Jane Foster’s late because she’s been enjoying Vahalla. Also waiting out spoilers

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31 thoughts on “The Women in the MCU Afterlife wonder who’s next”

  1. The green body color lady isshe from gardens of the galaxy well if I'm right (Spoiler alert 🚨) she didn't die in gardens of the galaxy vol 3she doesn't remember her past so maybe if you make one of these again say that she got mixed up also that movie WAS SAD I WAS CRY TEARS OF SADNESS AT THE END😢

  2. fun fact: in mythology valhalla was where the men fought and chopped eachothers limbs off, ate a feast and then fought again for eternity, all while the women made the food and clothes. I dont think mighty thor would have a good time there lol

  3. Hey love the content and it has inspired me to make my own Jedi Master cosplay character and I’m going to name him cal but he’s not cal from Jedi survivor he’s just Cal